text 12 May 54 notes HTC Desire vs iPhone – Part 5: Contacts Management

Contacts management on the HTC Desire is a dream. 

You can sync your contacts with google easily - which is how I got my contacts to my phone initially.  It just worked.  Getting contacts on if you don’t use google contacts, if you are on a mac – could be a chore, ill concede.  I can’t comment on the HTC Sync app, as there isn’t an OSX equivalent – and any Mac owners thinking about a HTC phone should bear that in mind.

You can group contacts, you can assign custom ringtones, you can send a contact to voicemail (quite cool, if a little sinister!).

But that’s not even the best bit – the best bit is the contact card.  You have a series of icons on the bottom of the screen. You can see the sms messages from that contact (and send one directly from that screen), you can see the emails (and send, like sms), you can link that contact to a facebook profile and aggregate all their status updates in there. You can see their photos from facebook, and link in their flickr account and see those too. You can even see a call history.

The iPhone cannot compete with this functionality.  Not even close.  Its in a totally different ballpark.

However, there is a shadow looming over the HTC, like the Toruk to the Omaticaya people. iPhone OS4.  I refuse to look into ‘leaked’ info; I want to see what is announced next month.  I would suspect that Apple will implement these great ideas (part of HTC Sense for a while now), because they are great ideas.

Still, for what we have now… iPhone loses this - somewhat important - round.

HTC Desire 3 – iPhone 2

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